What is it all about ?

This operation was started to fulfill a need in the market place for company presentations, based on advertising, marketing, and multi-media exposure in the computer reseller fraternity.

Some of the images required by these presentations were available from agencies on the web. Others were already in the portfolio of the founders, many others have been taken on assignment. Many of the images now form the stock of PPPiX.

In conjunction with a sister company, Crafted Productions, already involved in multi-media presentations, PPPiX is seen as the photographers way to be seen by the market place. When images are required, they can be bought or exchanged via the ineternet. In this the 21st century, digital imagines are the currency of the media industry. With the technical advances in digital videography and photography, the market becomes world-wide overnight. Making available high quality images from stock, and other photographers portfolios is one aim of PPPiX.

To build presentations including video, music, photographs, design and many more elements is part of what the team do. At PPPiX and Crafted Productions we have expertise in all the disciplines of multi-media production, and assignments are regularly undertaken for companies who need to represent their message in many forms.

Due to the size of some of the images and presentaions, they are offered on CD and DVD. Corporate and small business presentations, produced using the popular Microsoft Powerpoint environment, are very much a part of the core of our business.

Contact the team to discuss your requirements. E-mail gets the quickest response, as we do not want to disturb our designers whilst they arre working on your presentation or imagery.

Because we do not employ sales people we reduce the cost of production. This does however mean that our normal high quality is drawn from using two out of three options. The choices being, Cheap, Quick, Quality. As you will appreciate something that is cheap and quick, is not necessarily of quality, somthing cheap and quality is not usually quick, and something that is quality and quick is not normally cheap. Understanding the perameters that we work within may help you make your time-scale or budget decisions.